Roscommon Lamb Festival April 29th - 4th May 2020

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Forest Farm Walk on farm of Kay Mole

Wed 2 May @ 3.30pm, Cloonslannor, Strokestown

Tel: 089 4213822

Fossil Stone
What next?

...When you need to change your farming. Whether life has thrown you a curve ball or you have just had enough of struggling against the odds and the weather, there are a few choices.

Finding myself in this position a few years ago I took a hard look at those choices, deciding with the help and support of my family, that forestry would be the best option; however after almost 20 years of farming the land organically, none of us wanted to go the usual route of spray all, plant conifers and walk away! With the help of my Permaculturist daughter, Hannah Mole¹ (it helps to have some skills in the family) and input from the rest of the family, I decided to plant hardwoods. I did considerable research myself, and designed a plan for my farm. It wasn't easy to find a forester who would be willing to plant this for me, but after talking with Prosilva² I contacted Manus Crowley of Enfor environment forestry³

From the start Manus was enthusiastic about planting of hardwoods and went out of his way to find the various species that I wished to plant. He was helpful in completing the paperwork and dealing with the department.

Now, almost 3 years on I have a beautiful growing forest of varied species.

If you are considering your options for forestry, but would like a more interesting and environmentally friendly site that still offers you income potential, you are warmly invited to a talk and tour of this young forest, running in conjunction with the Roscommon Lamb Festival. On Wednesday 2nd May at 3.30pm.

Notes ¹, ²see Prosilva. ie, ³